The Genesis of Case for Quality

Clip 1

What Case for Quality is and what it aims to accomplish as a collaborative community.


Quality as a Journey for the Patient

Clip 2

A widening of perspective – from product quality to the broader quality for the patient.


The Culture of Quality

Clip 3

What is a Culture of Quality, why it is important and what it means to the medical device industry and, ultimately, patients.


Why Should Companies (Large & Small) Engage in Case for Quality

Clip 4

These are just some of the unique benefits of participating in Case for Quality, especially for smaller companies and emerging technologies.


Can the Corrective and Preventive Action Process (CAPA) be Cool?

Clip 5

Yes it can! Learn about Case for Quality’s “Make CAPA Cool Pilot Study” and how it can improve how your company performs CAPA.


The Digitalization of an Expanding Medical Device Industry

Clip 6

A new direction in the medical device industry toward using advanced technologies, including digital predictive methods and models, and algorithmic approaches to quality management systems and product quality to drive better patient outcomes.